Anonymous – Quintanilla, TX

Written By:  cws-admin August 29, 2017 at 2:28 pm

“Fred, I just returned from a trip to Florida with my new Seahunt boat. I spent 5 weeks there and fished everyday except 2. As you know, I have fished all of my life, but this is the first saltwater boat that I have owned. Because of this, I relied heavily on your recommendations on how this boat should be equipped. I would like to thank you for your honesty and expertise in these recommendations. The boat has performed exactly as you told me it would in all kinds of weather. The standard equipment on this boat has amazed me. It has all of the key things that you need to have a safe and successful fishing trip each time that you go out. The T-Top that I got was one of two things that surprised me. I did not think the T-Top was needed that much, but I was wrong. The protection that it provides from both sun and rain is something that I now consider a necessity in the Texas heat. The other item is the 150 HP Yamaha engine that you recommended for this BX22BR. It provides plenty of power even when the boat has six adults aboard. It is also very fuel efficient. As you know, I am advanced in age to the point that this will probably be the last boat I will own. Because of this, it was crucial that I get the right boat for my needs which includes fishing fresh water most of the year. Due to your professionalism and honesty in dealing with me, I now have that boat. Thank you so much. Mr. Beall”