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Blue Wave New Boat Models

The SUPER TUNNEL by Blue Wave
The original Super Tunnel design by Roger Parks has been developed and refined for over three decades. Gulf Coast Marine’s rich shallow water expertise goes back over 60 years in the Laguna Madre. This combined team has worked continuously on the Super Tunnel concept and design to develop the current Super Tunnel set-up.

“ROUND JET”. The wide and deep tunnel runs almost half of the boat length from the transom up towards the bow. The tunnel delivers a “round” jet of water to the prop and is the most efficient shape to move the maximum volume of water with the minimum amount of friction resistance. The tunnel shape allows the outboard to be mounted “very high” on the transom for extreme shallow water operation.

“NO JACK PLATE IS NEEDED”. This unique design allows the motor to be “TRIMED” by the outboard’s power trim to an optimum angle that puts the “SKEG” even with the “keel” of the boat. More importantly, there is no need to add a HEAVY jack plate to the transom. The combination of the jack plate weight and the fact that the jack plate puts the motor further back on the transom, it causes the boat to sit “stern heavy” in the water. This stern heavy attitude causes a boat to “squat” while plaining which is detrimental to the Hole Shot. Also, a tail heavy boat promotes “proposing”!

The “INSET TRANSOM”, which is sometimes called key slot, is a fantastic addition that is incorporated in to the “Super Tunnel” design. The inset transom contributes greatly to the hydrodynamics of the Super Tunnel. First, it allows the outboard to be mounted further inboard for better “weight distribution”. The Blue Wave Super Tunnel sits very well on her lines, “FLAT” and not stern heavy. This is because of the large DISPLACEMENT of water from the HUGE AFTER PLANES that give more BOUYANCY behind the outboard. A typical square backed transom boat with a jack plate and even trim tabs can’t and won’t sit flat in the water like the inset transom of the Blue Wave Super Tunnel. Second, the HUGE AFTER PLANES act as SUPER SIZED TRIM TABS which puts the bow down instantly giving the boat the ULTIMATE HOLE SHOT.

The Super Tunnel design has helped Blue Wave remain the #1 selling bay boat in Texas for over 18 years. Blue Wave has now been refined again with the addition of the new “STL” Super Tunnel Liner models. The modified V-bow, which gives the legendary smooth and dry ride in the earlier models, has been modified with a RADIUS KEEL for a shallower draft and smoother turning. The Large Round Tunnel now has a radius transition which gives enhanced hydrodynamic flow from the modified V-bottom Hull to flow into the “Super Tunnel”.

Gulf Coast Marine marries these tunnel design advancements with an optimum, custom performance 4-Blade propeller which Gulf Coast Marine has custom built for the “Super Tunnel”. Gulf Coast Marine and has been working with over 6 propeller manufacturers for over the past 60 years to refine the best overall Shallow Water Performance propeller. These propellers also help the engine work less and that keeps the outboard running cooler and “shallower”.

Buy your “STL” from the legendary “Shallow Water Experts” at Gulf Coast Marine and receive a in water sea trial “check-out” ride when you take delivery of your new Blue Wave “SUPER TUNNEL LINER” boat.

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